The Secret To Building Muscle And Making Gains In The Gym

So you wanna build muscle huh? That’s good that’s real good man (+1 if you got the HodgeTwins reference).

I bet you’re researching the best workout program or the best workouts to do to put on a lot of muscle.

Let me tell you one thing, It doesn’t matter. Let me say it again it doesn’t matter.

What I mean by that is The Secret To Building Muscle Will Come Down To Your Diet.

By no means am I saying working out is not important, go to the gym and do your compound exercises.

By working out you’re tearing muscle fibers so new ones can grow.

The food that you’re eating (aka your diet) is what will help your muscles grow back BIGGER and stronger.

The common problem that you see with guys trying to put on muscle is they aren’t eating a lot.

The guy goes to the gym and hits it hard, but ask him what his diet is like, and he tells you he eats like maybe 3 meals a day.

With that being said it WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE for him to get bigger, yes you heard me impossible.

At best he’s going to get pretty ripped, but he will not put on any size or muscle mass.

To illustrate my point here’s a video of what I eat on a somewhat regular basis:

For the guys probably wondering how many calories is that

Greek Yogurt and Honey(320 calories): Greek Yogurt has 140 calories per serving, but I probably took a little bit more than that so lets say 200 calories and the honey is 60 calories per serving but I’m sure I took a lil bit more so let’s say 120 calories. Greek Yogurt had 24g of protein.

Oysters(500 calories): 100 calorie per shell and I had 5 of them. For 500 calories it really didn’t fill me up that much so I’m probably never going to get it again.

Eggs&Rice(912 calorie): I made 4 eggs which were 78 calories each and the rice was was about 600 calories.

Plain Rice (600 calories)

Rice and Chicken (700): the rice was 600 calories but the chicken was 100 calories says the label on the back but 24g of protein, definitely didn’t feel like 100 calories since it filled me up so much. Maybe I read it wrong.

Protein Shake & PeanutButter (510 calories): UMP has 12o calories and the peanut butter has 190 calories per serving which I took 2 spoonful of.

Total Calories: 3542 calories 

As a disclaimer this may not be an accurate number because I do not count my calories, I do not own a scale of such. I just read the labels on the back and just estimate based on how much I’m serving myself. That number maybe off because I don’t know whether the Costco eggs has 70 or 78 calories and I may have served myself more than 600 calories of rice but I know for sure it’s not less than 500.

This is the type of eating that got me from 175lb to 200lb


Me At 175lb


Me At 200lb




My Back At 175lb


My Back At 200lb



Another Back Shot At 200lb


Honestly in my opinion the hardest part about putting on muscle is the diet. You only have to go the gym 4-5 per week, work out for like an an hour or two than your done that’s it. But the diet is a 24/7 thing, something you’re constantly doing and having to be conscious of what you’re putting in your body. So if you can get your diet down you’re on your way to making gains in the gym, just make sure you actually go the gym and workout.

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What’s In The Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Read my First Post for this one to make sense.


yep read it again, I’d even read it three times.

Not all protein powders are made the same, and some of them may not actually be good for you. Any one who is serious about their health SHOULD BE READING THE LABELS of everything they buy. You should know what’s in the food you are buying so you know what you are putting in your body.




I would not mind drinking this everyday but THE CHOLESTEROL IS 70mg. Some people may want to argue with me and say most of that could be HDL (good cholesterol) instead of LDL(bad cholesterol). You could be right but no where on the nutrition facts does it state that. You would probably have to call the company to find out but they could lie to you or more realistically no one really knows the answer. Point being if I was shopping around and looked at this I would have to think twice before buying this.


If you haven’t checked out i-supplement to get the nutrition fact on Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein Cookies N Cream than here it is:



Calories is 120 – This would be awesome if you were trying to lose weight or you ever get a sugar craving, this really tastes like cookies n cream no lie

Sugar is 1g – Great it practically doesn’t exist

Cholesterol is 10mg – Awesome!!! It’s definitely better than 70mg

And the fat doesn’t seem to be much of a problem

And protein is protein

If you look at the i-supplement website it gives you a list of 18 amino acids found inside of the Ultimate Muscle Protein Cookies N Cream. I’m sure they all have some crazy health benefits so if amino acids are your thing you can look each one up and see what it does for the body.



Best Tasting Protein Powder For Weight Loss


The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that pays athletes (bodybuilders) to use their supplements (protein shakes) and tell the masses (you) that this is how they got big. THAT IS A LIE those bodybuilders did not get big drinking protein shakes, but they do enough advertisement to make you believe that.

THE TRUTH IS that you do not need protein shakes to put on a good amount of muscle.

Supplements like the word is meant to just supplement your diet if you aren’t able to get in that extra meal or you need an extra 500 calories to hit your macros for that day. Protein shakes should not be used as overall replacement for the 5-6 meals a day you are eating to bulk up. I tested this out in the 2nd year that I was bulking up I didn’t use any protein powder or any supplements. I just ate whole foods I was able to put on a good amount of muscle, more so than the previous year. So that was that.

You don’t need protein powder to help build muscle, BUT PROTEIN POWDER CAN BE USEFUL WHEN TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT.

YES I WOULD RECOMMEND PROTEIN POWDER FOR SOMEONE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT SINCE PROTEIN CONTAINS NO CARBS SO ITS A GOOD REPLACEMENT MEAL. You can even mix it up and add fruits and vegetables in your protein powder if that’s your thing

So than what’s the point of this site? What’s the point of this blog post?

Truth be told I still like drinking protein shakes, even if they don’t help me put on a significant amount of muscle.

I like the taste of protein powder, I like slamming down a protein shake after a workout.


My first year seriously working out I was a protein junkie. I started out with muscle milk, moved on to GNC (terrible decision), and I even tried some generic protein powder at my local store. I even went online to look at some no name brands as well. Over all they weren’t bad, I liked muscle milk and Syntha 6,  but I didn’t like the aftertaste muscle milk left in my mouth. Eventually I stopped taking protein shakes to see if I could make gains without them which I did. I did go back to drinking protein shakes because I liked them.

My friend introduced me to a protein powder, and after trying it I was hooked!

photomeWithUMPphoto-23 copy

BEVERLY INTERNATIONAL ULTIMATE MUSCLE PROTEIN COOKIES N CREAM . They have other flavors but I would get Cookies N Creme that’s the best one in my opinion.

I Stand by this 100% when I say that this is the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had. It taste just like cookies N cream no lie. Add milk instead of water and this is a killer. I’ve looked around the internet and the average price for this seems to be $45, but I’ve managed to find a site where they sell it for just $33.99

The site is called i-supplement

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